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As one of the companies that developed in Indonesia, Envy is inseparable from social responsibility to the community or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which is a combination of activities and programs carried out by the Company for the benefit of society as a form of community service.

The legal basis for the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities is regulated in Government Regulation ("PP") No.47 / 2012 concerning Limited Social and Environmental Responsibility, which is an implementing regulation of the provisions of Article 74 of Law No.40 / 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies.

Until now Envy has carried out CSR activities, namely:

  • Envy Caring & Sharing

  • Periodic MCU

Envy Caring and Sharing 2019 is the Compensation to Orphanage program which is managed by community members and uses the facilities of the community members themselves. Basis for choosing the Orphanage with these considerations Envy wants to help to advance the Orphanage to be more feasible and better.

Periodic MCU for complete medical examination activities held for all employees and also direct consultations with Expert Doctors who aim to provide awareness of the importance of health as well as tackling disease early.

In addition, in the future Envy is also planning a number of other social responsibility programs, namely from the aspects of Education, Economy, Environment and Socio-Culture, and further developing CSR which is currently running in the hope that this can be realized in 2020.

CSR Envy budget from operational expenses Where the total funds that have been budgeted and realized for 2019, amounted to IDR 75 million and realized amounted to IDR 45 million. The budget amount is certain to be excluded from CSR programs of PT Envy Technologies Indonesia, Tbk.

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